Donovan Lord playing guitar.

Donovan Lord is a lifelong Dallas native.  He attended Southern Methodist University for Business, Academy of Art University in San Francisco for his BFA of Interior Design and also for his Masters Degree in Architecture (M.Arch.) 

Self-employed since the age of 25 in creative pursuits, Donovan is that rare combination of artistry and business acumen that few possess. Building playing card houses, Lincoln Log structures and drawing floor plans for fun as a young child, as well as playing violin from the age of 5 and piano from the age of 8, Donovan’s future was clear to anyone watching that it would be primarily in architecture and design or music.

Donovan Lord has published three magazines: Palladium Magazine, Vertu Magazine and Moot Magazine over the course of the past 15 years.  The power of communication and the written word has also been a longtime mainstay of Donovan’s history.  He has interviewed several celebrities and written articles about them as well as written a vast number of political issues.

Donovan’s book Heartaches, a poetry and art memoir, was published in 2019.

He has always been a staunch activist for GLBT, race, women’s and general civil rights issues.  In 1995 at SMU, Donovan founded a chapter of the Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity, a national gay fraternity, as well as acting as President.  In his 20’s, Donovan worked for the Resource Center of Dallas, Planned Parenthood, the SPCA, and other non-profits that helped to spark his passion for political issues as an activist.   This passion led him to start his own podcast show which currently broadcasts on iHeart Radio, iTunes, and other outlets

Currently, Donovan has been the owner of his own Architecture and Interior Design firm for over 16 years, as well as a furniture company, both specializing in mid-century modern and contemporary design. He has also been a licensed real estate broker and investor for 17 years and founded the Westhollow Society, a neighborhood advocacy and beautification non-profit.

Also, Donovan is currently working on a full length memoir and an album of music he has written (lyrics and music) based on his book Heartaches.

He resides in Dallas where he is extensively remodeling and expanding his home to his exacting and fastidious standards.