Burying My Dog

11807635_10153161388024141_6956076099582226131_oSo we just had our memorial service and burial for Monty at the pet cemetery. The permanent marker will be there in 6 weeks. It was hard but the ritual of a funeral helps with closure after death for me. I recited this poem I wrote for Monty at his graveside as my way of saying goodbye.


Awakened by the news
That you had gone

Away without a goodbye
Seeing you after you had died

Lying there lifeless
But to me you were my boo
Beautiful as new

My heart implodedĀ 
Cried, without end
The pain refuses to subside
I realize I’ll never see you again

Your sweet sweet face
Your cute little smile
No more high five or shake
Or George Bush to rile

Echoes of your spiritĀ 
Haunting my days
Empty bowls and strewn toys
Left behindĀ 
I can’t get you out of my mind

I loved you like a child
And cared for you as such
I will always love you
Did you know how much?

Monty, my baby boy
My light each day
Now darkness and sadness
Are left in your wake

I will remember you
Today, tomorrow, and forever
And my heart will always be just a little bit severed

Monty, thank you, thank you,
For loving me, without condition
I will never forget you
You beautiful Soul
Monty, I will love you
Forever and ever more.