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Donovan Lord

Search for Donovan Lord on the web and see that report? It’s not true, here’s why. R.O.R. is an insidious and abhorrent website. Literally ANYONE can write literally ANYTHING, whether true or not, and it will literally NEVER be removed by the website’s owner. I have been a victim of internet trolls that did not […]

Evil Clients

THIS IS A REPOST OF AN ARTICLE ON EVIL CLIENTS! Identifying the most dangerous clients A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous Species By¬†Joseph Schuler Jr. Some clients swarm your psyche, sap your crew’s morale, even poison your company until it dies. But if you identify species early, you can prepare for them — or […]

Registered or Licensed Architect vs Unlicensed Architect

Great article on the lunacy of using the term “architect” in Texas or many other states. Architect. Designer. Job Captain. Intern. Image via Wikipedia What does a person who received a degree in architecture and works in the profession call themselves? It is an age-old question that still plagues the profession, causing rifts,¬†dissension, distrust, and […]

Greg Hall Contractor

We hired Greg Hall as General Contractor (GC) for a major remodel and addition. Problems began immediately as he did substandard work, was exceptionally difficult to work with, outright lied to everyone on the project and was extremely lazy and rarely worked at all. He was overheard saying “I only work 2 or 3 hours […]