Burying My Dog

So we just had our memorial service and burial for Monty at the pet cemetery. The permanent marker will be there in 6 weeks. It was hard but the ritual of a funeral helps with closure after death for me. I recited this poem I wrote for Monty at his graveside as my way of […]


Losing A Pet

Sunday afternoon, my dog of almost 15 years, Monty,  passed away on his own. We had planned to have our vet who makes house calls come on Monday to put him to sleep. He had been not well for a while but was happy and alert until about a few days ago when he took a precipitous drop […]

Something for Nothing

Working for oneself can be a daunting task.  I have been working for myself for 15 years. I started my own business when I was 25 and have had my own businesses ever since. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was to NOT trust people that hired me.  I have had probably 1 […]

Donovan Lord

Freedom of Speech

try and silence me Do all that you can You and no other will take down this man Lies and half-truths you espouse at will Only you and I know the real deal Soft in appearance yet hard to the core You’ll be surprised when I come knocking down your door Try as you might […]

Donovan Lord

Donovan Lord – Burn Out

When I do something, something that I am passionate about, I do it 110%.  When it comes to my professional life, it’s the same and I will work 18 – 20 hour days just to do my best for my clients and for myself.  The problem with this is that after weeks or months of […]

Donovan Lord

Donovan Lord – Personal Duality

When it comes to friendships, relationships, or client relationships I am always fair, honest, and direct about how I feel or what I have or haven’t done, but I won’t take responsibility for something I wasn’t at fault for and I won’t make myself small to allow someone else to feel important. When people with big […]

donovan lord

Rip Off Report

Search for Donovan Lord on the web and see that report? It’s not true, here’s why. Rip Off Report is an insidious and abhorrent website.  Literally ANYONE can write literally ANYTHING, whether true or not, and it will literally NEVER be removed by the website’s owner.   I have been a victim of internet trolls […]

Deborah Montoya

Donovan Lord Novanlord

There is an insane woman that stalks me on the internet her name is Deborah montoya, her alias is Debi Daly and she has a tiny little web radio show that she uses to spew hatred, bigotry, racist, homophobia and general depravity. The woman is completely psychotic.  She has gone as far as to post […]

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