Donovan Lord

Donovan Lord

Search for Donovan Lord on the web and see that report? It’s not true, here’s why.

R.O.R. is an insidious and abhorrent website. Literally ANYONE can write literally ANYTHING, whether true or not, and it will literally NEVER be removed by the website’s owner. I have been a victim of internet trolls that did not like me because I am openly gay, bi-racial, and extremely liberal and my podcast, which has been on for 5 years has incited their rage against me. These trolls are closed-minded, bigoted, racist, and basically the most vile human beings on the planet. They have gone as far as filing taxes to try to pocket my tax return in 2013 and they have put COMPLETE LIES on to try to disparage and defame my businesses.

I want to say once again, that there is literally NOTHING that was written that is true about me. They have said that I am a drug user, deviant and thief and liar. The reality is that I have literally never used ANY non-prescription drugs, including marijuana. I do not smoke and never have. I rarely drink at all because I’m a light-weight! And anyone that knows me knows that I am the polar opposite of a liar – I am brutally honest. And something about wild sex parties and other nonsense while a client was away of course is also made-up, especially since I am not the type to be part of such a thing – who would do that anyway especially when I have my own house why would I need to use someone else’s house if I were to do something like that, which I wouldn’t? No one I know.

The lies that they have spread on R.O.R. are so completely ludicrous, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would believe them anyway (anyone with a brain). The fact that people can say ANYTHING online, without proof, and others believe it is ridiculous.

The names of these trolls are “Bill Waggoner (”, Debi Daly (Her real name is Deborah Montoya ( and several other minor minions of theirs. If you want to hear the shows where these people threaten to do exactly this to me, it’s easy enough to prove.

I have been harassed by these people for years verbally as well as threatening me in the “real world” by sending people to my home and as I mentioned identity fraud. It hasn’t only been ME, it’s been MANY people online whom are still continually harassed by these people but the way the laws are set up, there’s very little that can be done without filing a lawsuit which requires you to actually know the real identity of the trolls.

I have sent cease and desist letters to those that I was able to find with a private detective that I hired. However, the reports on R.O.R. are, as I said, not removable because they are protected by internet laws that allow them to NOT remove false information even if proven in a court of law!

I advise that you listen to their shows and then listen to mine and you will hear who I am and who these people are. Their shows are almost exclusively based on hate, defamation, slander, lies, and games to make better “shows”. My shows are all about self-empowerment, self-acceptance, civil rights, gay rights, and race & religious debates.

People who know me, including clients of my businesses, know that these rip off reports are completely at odds with my personality and my character. Those who do not know me, whom may have come across this site after looking to hire me or my firm for a project – I advise that you allow my references and multitudes of satisfied clients to speak for me, as well as my character, not the lies and complete nonsense created by vengeful and morally corrupt people.

Here are some links about ROR and how there are literally thousands of victims. Sure some of them are probably true, but most of them are just people trying to ruin the reputation of others. That one troll I mentioned Bill Waggoner even says he’s an “internet marketer” – I think that says it all.

My entire life I’ve been a target of people like this because I stand up for myself rather than roll over and allow people to walk all over me. This irks people like this who do these horrendous things by trying to ruin the reputation of innocent people – people they’ve never met or don’t know. Nothing will every silence me, take away my resolve, or make me into something I”m not. Words are only words unless they’re true – and these are nothing but lies.