Donovan Lord – Burn Out

When I do something, something that I am passionate about, I do it 110%.  When it comes to my professional life, it’s the same and I will work 18 – 20 hour days just to do my best for my clients and for myself.  The problem with this is that after weeks or months of that, it really does catch up with you.

I started to feel increasingly anxious about just any minor meeting, conversation or even just leaving my office.  I lost motivation and drive and my passion for my work.  I was burnt out.

I didn’t know how to overcome it because once you’re burnt-out you have desire to do anything.  Your mind, body, soul need to be recharged.  So I cut out some clients, even though it meant losing their business, so that I could maintain my sanity.  I took extended vacations, and days off of doing nothing at all.  I got a massage, meditated and exercised and reconnected with the core of who I was.

It was a long process, about as long as it took me to get burnt out in the first place, but ultimately I rediscovered my passion for my career, friends, spouse and my life in general.

So, if you’re burnt out, be sure to make the effort to reconnect to yourself in whatever way that means for you.  Burning out can be dangerous and can wreak irreparable havoc on your life.  As hokey as it may sound, find your center again and be at one with yourself, because you’re worth it.


Donovan Lord