Donovan Lord Novanlord

There is an insane woman that stalks me on the internet her name is Deborah montoya, her alias is Debi Daly and she has a tiny little web radio show that she uses to spew hatred, bigotry, racist, homophobia and general depravity.

The woman is completely psychotic.  She has gone as far as to post things about me online that are COMPLETELY untrue but nonetheless defaming and harmful to my business and reputation. Not only has she spread complete lies about me online she has sent people to my house to try and intimidate me and threaten me. The police say they won’t do anything unless they catch her in the act.

As a result of this, I am compiling a case against her in order to file a case against her in court in June for defamation and harassment.

So, if you are here to find out about who I am, email me and ask me and I will provide you with multitudes of references from previous clients as well as proof against every lie this woman has fabricated against me and my reputation.  For me, you just need to ask and I will prove it.  For her, she is a narcissistic, psychotic, pathological liar and I have literally dozens of people ready to testify against her in court to the truth of this as well as their own experiences of harassment by this psycho.