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Snap of the Day

I was driving back to my office after lunch today when I was caught at the stop light behind this massive, obnoxious, huge and way too high Dodge Ram.  Look at it! It’s ridiculous!

When I see one of these what comes to mind is an insecure, hypermasculine, heterosexual male with too much testosterone trying to prove he doesn’t have a tiny member.  Is it because I’m gay or that I was raised to see through this machismo behavior, that this type of display completely irks me. These “dudes” might as well be gorillas beating on their chests or baboons showing their backsides to prove they’re virile and a “Man”.

I think also because my own father always told me to “act like a man”, as if there is only one definition of what that means.  When he and his brothers and friends would go for a walk down the street or watch a game on tv, he would ask, almost as if daring me to answer the wrong way. “Do you want to stay with the men or the women?”.  He called me “soft” my entire childhood existence and said he needed to make me “hard” like a man is supposed to be, according to him.

So, I think when I see these stupid displays of “manliness”, it reminds me of my father’s bullying. Instead of being intimidated by them, I just laugh deep inside myself at the fact that it makes them all look more like scared little boys posturing as if they’re invincible when inside they’re afraid you’ll discover their insecurity.  There’s more than one way to be a man, but I know that being oneself, regardless of societal approval or the acceptance of one’s own father, is far more “manly” and brave than driving a massively oversized truck.

Of course it’s just a truck, but what can I say, I enjoy existentialism. 🙂

That’s the shot of the day. 🙂

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