Greg Hall Contractor

We hired Greg Hall as General Contractor (GC) for a major remodel and addition.
Problems began immediately as he did substandard work, was exceptionally difficult to work with, outright lied to everyone on the project and was extremely lazy and rarely worked at all.
He was overheard saying “I only work 2 or 3 hours a day and go home” by me and by our HVAC guy. This was also verified by the fact that the neighbors saw him come and go in short succession daily. The project, as a result fell behind by more than two months. He also asked for lots of money up front and did not complete the work he was paid for. Also he did extremely shoddy work – he installed windows improperly, framed columns incorrectly and in the wrong places, charged to raise the foundation of the existing structure professional but instead bought pneumatic lifts and did it himself so he could pocket the difference, and destroyed vents without paying for them.
He took over $6000 and then refused to do the work he was paid for. ultimately we were forced to terminate him officially and he stated that “Your mistake was paying me so much money up front. I won’t be giving it back.”
The man is a criminal (we did a background check on him when hiring him and he’s been in trouble with the law several times for assault and DUI). He is a huge liar – he lies to your face and also about his supposed background in homebuilding. When checking his references only one checked out and the others hadn’t heard of him. We only used him because we were pressured to start the project asap. Don’t make the same mistake! CHECK HIS REFERENCES AND BACKGROUND AND ONLINE REVIEWS AND YOU WILL SEE HE IS A CROOK.

The final  $6000 he was paid he never did anything for – instead, he used it to put money on a new car and go on vacation. He’s a horrible person and not to be trusted. TRUST ME. HE IS A CRIMINAL!