Heart or Head

If you had to, in every situation, follow your heart or follow your head which would you choose?

Normally, following your head will keep you out of trouble, but it doesn’t mean it’ll keep you happy.  Following your heart will typically keep you happy, but not necessarily keep you safe.   Neither will necessarily always be the “right” thing to do.Of course following your heart can lead you to stay in a bad relationship, make poor choices based on emotional drive and put yourself into danger.  Following your head can lead to the wrong decision as well but you probably won’t end up in jail or dying over it as your heart might lead you to.

For me, I’ve lived the majority of my life by following my heart much to the chagrin of traditionalists, conservatives, and those who are too afraid to live their lives as a free-spirit.   My life hasn’t been an easy ride, but thankfully because it hasn’t been, I’ve learned so much more about myself, the human condition, and the questions that plague us for simply being alive.  Although I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything, it sometimes is seductive to think about how nice and easy things would be to follow the “straight and narrow” path in life, also known as one’s “head”.  But then again, I think about how boring my life would have been and all of the experiences and joy and sorrow I would have missed out on.

So ultimately, for me, I would follow my heart each and every time if I had to choose.  It doesn’t guarantee happiness or the “right” decision, but it does guarantee that I will have lived.  And boy, have I lived.