Recently I’ve experienced some major emotional minefields in my life.  These past few weeks have been filled with a sense of unfairness and a lack of understanding from others.

It’s a sad statement on the state of the world today when kindness is an oddity and not the norm.   These days people are revered for their bitchiness, their meanness and of their ability to “read”.

While being a bitch is without a doubt a side of my own personality, and typically only in response to someone else’s bitchiness, I very rarely am bitchy just because I’m in a bad mood or want to be. And let’s not get me started on my ability to “read” someone – I am a half black gay man after all. It’s in my genes! 😉

Despite these things, I always try to show kindness as my default mode of being in the world.  I don’t think the worst of people when I first meet them, I give them the benefit of the doubt until I have a reason not to. Unfortunately, many people don’t value this the way I do and I am often subjected to a great deal of unkindness and bigotry and suspicion due to lies and rumors spread about me by people who have an agenda against me – mainly they just don’t like me or agree with me politically.

“Do unto others as you’d have done unto you”, says the Bible, or Jesus or God – I get them confused.  Of course this was something the Buddha said long before Jesus did, but that’s another discussion!  I was raised by this mantra through example and direction by my mother and my grandmother as a child.  Although it was how many people claimed to lead their lives, I rarely saw or see people putting it into action.  Instead, they react emotionally and not rationally and allow their baser instincts to take over.

We’ve all be guilty of this, me included, but I generally am kind by default, forgiving when asked for forgiveness and treat others as I would want to be treated – unless of course they’re just a racist, homophobic, lying, egotistical, bigot – then my kindness is instead replaced by seeking justice and then all bets are off.