Losing A Pet

Sunday afternoon, my dog of almost 15 years, Monty,  passed away on his own. We had planned to have our vet who makes house calls come on Monday to put him to sleep. He had been not well for a while but was happy and alert until about a few days ago when he took a precipitous drop in quality of life and by yesterday he had stopped eating all together and refused to eat or drink.

I laid down next to him in his bed last night before I went to sleep and petted him and told him how much I loved him and just looked into his eyes for about 30 minutes. This afternoon my husband found that he had stopped breathing and woke me up. I cried for over an hour straight. It is so painful and I cannot believe how much I miss him already. Seeing his empty bed and bowl and no longer seeing his sweet and gentle face. 

Losing a pet is so painful and yet having their love and devotion especially for 15 years, is a great great honor.