Mid-Term Reckoning


I, Donovan Lord, always vote.  It doesn’t matter what the purpose of the election is, if I’m eligible to vote, I will.

I vote in my local and municipal elections, statewide elections, and national elections.  I do this because first of all, it’s a right so many have fought for throughout American history, and secondly because if I’m going to constantly bitch about the state of America, I have to do something about it or shut the fuck up!

Last night there was what I would call a Blue “swell” not so much a wave because we didn’t take the Senate but we did take back the US House of Representatives!  Although the candidate that I supported, BETO O’Rourke didn’t beat Raphael Ted Cruz, he came closer than any Democrat has since the 90’s!  He has elicited our excitement once again about the possibility of Texas turning Blue again one day.  I think this proves Texas is no longer Red, but purple (mix red and blue and you get purple if you weren’t aware ;)).  The demographics of Texas are changing drastically and favoring Democratic, liberal/progressive goals and no longer is half the state!

Although Raphael Ted Cruz will get another 6 years, I think he’s the last of a dying breed in Texas.  As much as these extreme right winged politicians say “Keep California out of Texas”, it won’t change the course of the future of this country, which is already set thanks to the Gen X, Millennials and the liberals whom have ALWAYS been a huge part of Texas.

Thanks to gerrymandering (illegally) and a lack of viable candidates as well as the false belief that a liberal can’t win in Texas, many people had given up the hope that it might actually happen.  Last night, we saw, that it can, and almost did, and without a doubt will in the near future.

Let’s hope that the Democrats don’t blow this opportunity to bring a reckoning to Trump, his supporters, and the majority of the Republican party.  I know if it were up to me, I’d be like a rabid dog with a bone and take down this fascist regime that is trying to hard to erase everything America is really about.  Liberty.