Bring It On

by Donovan Lord


Lately I, Donovan Lord, have felt out of sorts, like I’m restrained yet like I’m about to burst free at the same time. I feel like something big is about to happen in my life – for better or for worse.  I’m not sure what it is, I just have a feeling.  Whatever the change may be, I’m open to the experience and learning from it.

I found this post when I was searching for answers. I’m not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one – there is a distinct difference between the two of course.  Religion is man-made, I feel that spirituality is something you develop and come to on your own without the extraneous dogma of “religion”.   Although I don’t believe in a God as described in any religion, or an old man sitting on a throne on a cloud surrounded by angels, I do believe in an organizing “energy” of some sort.  Perhaps I am just too human to understand the larger landscape of the universe and its secrets, but in my mind we all must come from something, what that is I don’t know.  What I DO know is that I have had many instances of presque-vue and deja-vu in my life that were far too real to explain, I’ve had many premonitions, and I consider myself an empath.  I know how witchy-new-agey this sounds, but it’s my own experience and it’s real.

Whatever it is I’ve been feeling lately, whether it’s a spiritual awakening as the following article describes or if it’s just run of the mill anxiety or maybe a mid-life crisis, I know something is on the horizon for me and it feels like I just need to let go of the past to push through to the other side of whatever is waiting for me.  As Madonna says in one of her songs, “Let it wash all over me”.

“Wash All Over Me”

In a world that’s changing
I’m a stranger in a strange land
There’s a contradiction
And I’m stuck here in betweenLife is like a desert
An oasis to confuse me
So I walk this razor’s edge
Will I stand or will I fall?Turn a blind eye, try to pretend that
Nothing is what it seems
Torn between the impulse to stay or
Running away from all this madness

Who am I to decide what should be done?
If this is the end then let it come
Let it come, let it rain
Rain all over me
Like the tide, let it flow
Let it wash all over me, over me
Let it wash all over me, over me
Let it wash all over me

All of my illusions
Could be shattered in a second
You can thread a needle
With a teardrop from my eye

It’s a cruel injustice
To be witness to the things I see
Looking for the answer
When it’s right in front of me

From the tower of Babylon
Where nothing is what it seems
Gonna watch the sun going down
I’m not gonna run from all this sadness

Who am I to decide what should be done?
If this is the end then let it come
Let it come, let it rain
Rain all over me
Like the tide, let it flow
Let it wash all over me

Who am I to decide what should be done?
If this is the end then let it come
Let it come, let it rain
Rain all over me
Like the tide, let it flow
Let it wash all over me, over me
Let it wash all over me, over me
Let it wash all over me


How Many Of These Awakening Symptoms Have You Experienced?

By Elimor Badervia Dream Catcher Reality

A spiritual awakening is an ongoing process whereby a person becomes aware of their connection to the infinite, and becomes mindful of their spiritual nature. 

Many people have the feeling as if something big is going to happen, yet nobody really knows what this big change is going to be. It is starting to reveal itself at the edge of the horizon.

Over the last couple  of decennium, exponentially more people started to feel a bigger affinity towards spirituality. Something is not only changing in the world, but also inside of us. There seems to be a link between those changes. It seems like more people are starting to wake up and experience a so-called ‘spiritual awakening’.

This is a process of letting go of the person they have become, to become the person they are meant to be. Being more perceptive to what is happening within ourselves and to what is happening around us.

A spiritual awakening is for every person different, so is the way a person experiences spirituality and to which degree it influences their life on a daily base.  Some people do not even realize they experience symptoms of a spiritual awakening, because they don’t know how to categorize their experience.

Here is a list of different symptoms which are linked to a spiritual awakening. Which ones these symptoms did you experience or which ones can you recognize?

Extremely vivid and lucid dreams
Ever had the feeling after waking up from a deep sleep, that you were not sure if something really happened or if you dreamt it? These are the extreme vivid dreams. Sometimes you will even find yourself being conscious in a dream. The moment that you realize you are dreaming you can take control of the dream, and experience the infinite possibilities of a lucid dream.

A sudden interest in the paranormal and metaphysical subjects
This sudden interest can help a person evolve and learn more about the truths of the world that are unspoken in the mainstream media. The paranormal and metaphysicscan interest everyone in a way that speaks to them personally. Some people are drawn to the side of meditation, crystals, healing and energy work; while others enjoy aliens, conspiracy, technology and government matters. It’s all about finding what resonates with you the most.

Life changing events
This will be an event that will force you to reflect on your life. Most of the time it will be a signal that you have to take things easier and slow down. This can come to every person in a different way.

Some will witness this in the form of a death or loss of a loved one, others a divorce, a loss of a house or job.

In some cases even a burnout. In other words, a life altering event that forces you to re-evaluate your life and makes you see a bigger picture.

The urge to say goodbye to restrictive patterns
You suddenly have an extreme desire to truly start living your life. Everything and everyone that stands in the way of achieving this goal is bound to hear the words ‘goodbye’. This counts for the horrific job that drains the life out of you but also the toxic people that are holding you back. The process of finding yourself and finding out where your true passion lies will make you evolve in the process of spiritual awakening.

Time seems to go faster
The acceleration of time is also a clear symptom, this can be explained by the big events that are occurring in your life. Everything is changing around you and you can’t stop it. The best thing you can do is try to live your life a conscious as possible, acknowledge the ‘now’.

Getting a new perspective on life
When an individual understands that they are infinite and eternal beings, they are able to take a grander perspective.

Suddenly, the problems and issues that are happening in the present moment can be seen for what they really are: temporary, and largely insignificant. This has the effect that you are able to take things less serious.

Synchronicities get noticeable
Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, appear more frequently. It is a sign of your intuition and connectedness to everything and everyone. It is a magical phenomenon that lets us know we are open to spiritual guidance and on the right path.

Experiencing ‘oneness’
Synchronicity can be seen as a part of feeling this sensation. The feeling of being part of everything and everything being a part of you. This is a symptom that shows advanced spiritual awakening.