donovan lord

Writing Milestone


I thought I would post this to show a tangible, physical illustration of my many years of hard work on my memoir. It’s easy to talk about it and it doesn’t seem real to others or even to oneself until it’s in physical form, but here is my work (and my agony). I finally completed the first very rough draft at 631 pages which equals roughly 450 hardback book pages! Technically, I still need to write a few chapters but I set my deadline for December 31st of this year and I am proud that I have pretty much met my goal! The next step is to edit, edit, edit, rewrite, write a few chapters, make it flow, add stuff I forgot and take away stuff that’s unnecessary and polish it up! I’m hoping I’ll have the time over the next 6 months to actually complete the rewrite and editing and publish by my 43rd birthday – we shall see. Regardless, I should have an actual published book this year and I can’t wait for you to read it (if you’re interested).

Writing is HARD even if it’s a true story like this memoir, even harder because it forces you to relive all of the heartache and pain (seems to be a lot of that in my life) as well as the joy. Anyway, when I finish it, I’m having a huge book launch party and book signing event so look for your invite in 2018!