Who am I?  I have been asked that all of my life for a variety of reasons. Here’s a few things I am:




Master of Architecture (M.Arch).
Interior Designer (BFA Interior Design)
Songwriter/Singer (Notice I put singer 2nd ha)
Artist (Photography, Fine Art and Writing)

Author (Poetry Book and Memoir Writer)
Publisher (Chief Writer, Editor and Publisher of MOOT Magazine)
Activist (Community Activist and Civil Rights Activist)
Real Estate Investor and Broker (20 Years)
Candlemaker (Sensoriums)
Furniture Proprietor (
Animal Adorer (Dogs, Cats, Birds, anything furry usually)
INFJ Personality Type (Myers-Briggs)




Heartaches: A Poetry Memoir, Published 2019, 8square Press
Heartaches, Album, 2023, Novanlord Music
Anathema, Memoir, To Be Published in 2025

Artwork + Photography