Trumped Up Friends & Family

I don’t know how many of you believe in reincarnation or past lives and all that. I’m not sure that I do either, I don’t know what came before now and or what comes after, and neither does anyone else. However, I was told by more than one psychic in my past that I lived through Nazi Germany in the 30’s and early 40’s. My entire life I have been an outcast because I’m bi-racial, gay, agnostic, and outspoken. I’m not typical in any way. Even as a small child I would cry and even today have a visceral reaction (as well as cry) whenever I encounter or witness others being bullied or their civl and human rights, as human beings being threatened by oppressive regimes, bullies, everyday people, or genocide. I’ve fought as an activist and a generally loudmouthed liberal most of my life.
I watched Schindler’s List in my early 20’s and I cried for days afterwards even though I knew the story, every time I see movies like this, even just movies about war like Saving Private Ryan, scenes of battle and human atrocities make me cry, especially the storming of Normandy for some reason, and once again have this deeply seated visceral reaction. I know it sounds crazy and I know it may seem odd to some of you, but for me, I have always been highly sensitive to these things and whether or not it’s true that I lived through Nazi Germany in a past life, whether as a Nazi or a victim, or as part of the resistance even if I was a Nazi, I know that that I have such an insanely violent reaction to these issues.
I know, for whatever reason, innately, instinctually, that what is happening in this country is leading us towards a similar fate for America. To some, it may sound like hyperbole, but it’s easy to say that if you’re not part of an oppressed group (and if you’re a White Heterosexual Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male, then no, you’re not) one that stands to lose not only our civil rights, but our livelihoods and possibly even our lives.
Millions of people across the world stood by and did nothing as Nazis gained power leading up to and through Hitler’s rise in Germany. They are just as guilty as the Nazis were. By saying nothing, they were deemed to consent and it frightens me to death that people I once knew and loved would dare vote against the actual lives of millions of others in this country for selfish reasons such as fiscal policies (that make no sense in fact), or because the just hate Hillary Clinton, or they think gays are evil and wrong (yet you still say you love us and let us do your hair, taxes, design your homes, and defend you in court), think Black Lives Matter is somehow about blacks being superior to another race because you’re too ignorant to understand the purpose of it in the first place, I think that “Muslims” and others such as Mexicans (whose food you love to eat, have them clean your houses, and take care of your children not to mention represent you in congress or be your doctor) should all be “sent back to where they came from”. The fact is, if you feel that way, you’re a fucking racist, homophobic, idiot and I always hoped you weren’t.

So, don’t expect me to shake your hand, give you a hug, say I love you, or be comfortable at your home, table, or in your presence if you voted for the Trump administration or you didn’t vote at all because either way, you’ve helped to elect this racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, lying, con man into the highest office in the World and into an almost unlimited power with a future Republican congress majority. Thanks so much for considering others, and for saying you care. Because I don’t care about you anymore. Now, I have to fight harder than I ever have for the rights of myself, my friends, my family, and others I do not even know thanks to your apathy or your hatred, whichever drove you to vote for Trump or not vote at all. Mine and the lives of many, MANY others in this country will be inextricablly difficult thanks to you.
So fuck you for saying I am overreacting, whether you’re a Trump supporter or not. When gays and blacks and Mexicans and Muslims and transgender people are being killed, attacked, threatened, and intimidated daily due to the emboldening of the racists in this country by the election of a racist as President, I think I have a legitimate reason to be upset. And the fact that you aren’t, is not only disappointing, but incomprehensible to me.
Whatever happens, you’ve lost my respect not only as a friend, acquaintance or family member, but as a human being and I, and many others, whom will be part of this new resistance against tyranny and hatred will fight you tooth and nail, until we have ensured that our liberties will remain in tact. As I said before, don’t think because we’re gay, bi, trans, black, muslim, or a woman that we can’t fight back – because the fact is, we’ve all been fighting these battles all of our lives, and now, we will win the war.