Writing A Memoir

I have been writing several books for several years.  To say I have trouble focusing on ONE book at a time is an understatement.  I am writing a couple of books about interior design/architecture and another, a memoir about my life.

The memoir I started around 1998 when I thought I actually had enough to say about my life but of course now that I am 42, , I have enough perspective to actually writing something meaningful about all of the incredible sadness, heartache, and abuse I’ve taken throughout my life from others as well as the pain I’ve experienced being so different from everyone else.

The more I write my memoir the more it seems I have to say.   Keeping it interesting hasn’t been hard but keeping it succinct has.  So i’m paring down my experiences to the biggest “plot twists” of my life and making those the crux of my journey.  I am hoping to make others reading my memoir feel the emotional pain and joy that I’ve experienced as a result of just being myself throughout my life in the face of beaucoup of adversity, and in the end understand who I am far better and with a deeper appreciation for what it means to be Donovan Lord in this world.

I plan to have a launch release party once the book is published to celebrate the culmination of MANY years of hard work.

I guess I should go write!